Saturday, May 13, 2006

Pants on Fire, Indeed.

In my last post I mentioned an ongoing frustration with Anna forgetting her cell phone. Keeping her cell phone with her and turned on is one of her rules as it enables me to get in touch with her easily and whenever I wish to. And of course, I wish to. Part of Daddying, from my perspective, is about keeping tabs on my girl even when we must be apart. I like to phone her periodically throughout the day to check on her and find out how her day is going. As well, she is expected to phone me to ask permission when she wishes to do things that are outside her normal daily routine. Most of all, I want to know she can always call me for help if she needs me, should (heaven forbid) anything happen that resulted in her needing some assistance. In all cases, the phone is a vital link.

The second part of my concern, in that last post, was that when I questioned her about why she was not using her cell phone, she told me it was in her bag in another room. Later, when I tried to phone her, I heard that same phone ringing in her jacket pocket in our house. Of course this led me to wonder if I was being fibbed to.

Anna found herself in hot water when she arrived home.

She came in the door smiling and kissed me hello but I'm sure she could sense immediately that something was wrong as the smile faded from her lips quickly and she sat down in the kitchen chair I pulled out for her.

"How was your afternoon?" I asked her.

"Fine. Umm... Daddy? What's wrong?"

She was already blushing, an automatic physical reaction that starts when she anticipates trouble, even before knowing why.

"Anna," I asked her severely, "Do you have something you would like to tell me about your cell phone?" I was fishing to see if she knew where it was and had lied to me, or if she still thought it was in her bag.

The blush deepened and she stared at the table top and whispered, "I don't know where it is."

"Why did you tell me it was in your bag when I asked you?" I was disappointed by this, of course. Honesty is fundamental in any relationship, and it is an infraction I take extremely seriously. I had actually rather hoped she had lied accidentally.

She looked up at me in alarm then, knowing what I was getting at. "I didn't lie to you!" she said quickly. "I really thought it
was in the bag when we spoke. I went to find it afterward, like you told me to, and that's when I realised it was missing."

"I see."

I thought about that a minute. I don't mind long silences and if I need to mull something over, I think it doesn't hurt her one bit to wait while I think. It wasn't as bad as I feared, that is, she hadn't told me an intentional lie. Still, there was some dishonesty attached to the situation that I found troublesome. We have talked often of the importance of telling me things she knows I would want to know, even when I haven't directly asked her. I call this a "lie of omission",
a lie which has everything to do with leaving out relevant and important information on purpose.

"Anna." She looked up at me. "You didn't call me after you noticed the phone was missing."

She shook her head no and looked back down at the table.

"Do you think that was something I would have wanted to know?"

She nodded.

"Look at me please, Anna."

She raised her head.

"Why didn't you tell me, Anna?"

Her eyes welled up and she said, "Because I didn't want to get in trouble."

And there it was. The truth. It wasn't as bad as lying, but it was still dishonesty. It was still deliberately allowing me to continue believing something she knew to be untrue. I sent her to the bedroom.

I was disappointed in her and I was annoyed. It is for that very reason I decided to let her wait in the bedroom while I decided what to do, for I don't believe in administering punishment while I am angry. It is essential for punishment to be thoughtful and delivered in a loving frame of mind so that it may be firm but fair and always reasonable no matter how strict. I knew I intended the punishment to be serious for I take lying very seriously, even when the lie is one of omission rather than a direct lie.

I sat down to think awhile and meanwhile she was silent upstairs. I heard her feet going quietly down the corridor to the bedroom and then nothing. Not a sound. Undoubtedly she was worried, and in all truth I wanted her to be. I counted, mentally, the number of times we had discussed the cell phone and how many times she had been punished for forgetting it or leaving it turned off.

I watched evening news and went mentally through various implements and situations in my mind. It must have been more than an hour before I determined my plan and went upstairs.

I found her lying on the bed curled up in a ball and crying.

"Anna, stand up and come and talk to me."

She obeyed quickly and stood before me looking tearstained and bedraggled. She's clearly already punished herself quite thoroughly in her mind. I sat on the spanking chair and held her hands in mine.

"You know I love you, don't you?"

She nodded.

"Do you understand why I am upset with you?"

She nodded again.

"Anna, I am going to need you to use your words," I told her. "Why am I upset with you today?"

"Because I didn't tell you the truth about my phone."

"What should you have done when you noticed the phone wasn't where you thought it was?"

"Phoned you again from the work phone and told you." Her eyes went to the floor again.

"Anna. Look at me. Why is it important for you to have your phone with you?"

"So you know that I'm safe." The tears started again.

"And why is it important that I know you're safe?"

"Because... you love me."

"That's exactly right," I told her, "because I adore you and you are the most important person in my life." She nodded and I continued to hold her hands. "Now Anna," I said sternly, "How many times have we talked about the importance of you keeping your phone with you?"

"I don't know," she whispered.

"I want you to try and remember."

"Maybe... umm... five?"

I looked at her closely to see if she believed what she was telling me. She did.

"No, Anna," I told her. "You have been punished for forgetting your phone
twelve times." Her eyes widened. "I'm not kidding," I told her, hardly believing it myself. Clearly I haven't treated this situation seriously enough in the past.

"And how many times do you think you have been punished for lying to me?" I asked her.

"I didn't lie..." she started to protest.

"Anna. Stop. You know just as well as I do that a lie of omission is nearly the same." She stopped short and blushed a deeper red and nodded. "And how many times have I punished you for lying?"

She shook her head sadly. "I think three."

"That's exactly right. Three. You seem to remember those punishments more clearly." I watched the blush travel down her neck. She remembered them because they were much harsher punishments, I expect.

"What do you suppose I am going to do with you tonight, Anna?"

"Punish me." She whispered this, not meeting my eyes again.

I squelched a laugh. Obviously. "And how do you supposed I am planning to punish you tonight, Anna?"

"You're going to give me a spanking?" she half-asked, half-stated, so quietly I could barely hear her.

"Come here Anna." Saying this was more a formality than anything, for she was already very close, but I wanted her to understand that the time was now. I unbuttoned the top button of her blue jeans and the rest of the buttons on the fly slowly. I pulled the pants down, right down to the floor and instructed her to step out of them. Then I took her arm and pulled her across my lap. She went without any resistance as is required. She was already crying and I find this difficult, at times, to administer discipline to her when she is already so very upset. I had to take a moment, myself, to get clear in my mind and then I took the top of her panties in my hands and peeled them down slowly.

I took her hairbrush in my right hand. "Anna," I said, tapping her on the bottom, "You are not going to forget your phone anymore. You have had more chances to remember it than I can believe. From now on you are going to check if you have it with you
every time you leave the house. Is that clear?"

"Yes sir." Her words were choked sounded but I did not let that stop me from delivering a volley of hard spanks to her bare cheeks and she tensed up in my lap.

"Anna, stop that right now." I gave her a moment and helped her to shift to a better position. "Relax. Take a deep breath." She took a deep shuddery breath and yet her body remained tight. "Another one." Again a deep breath and then a little less tension in her back. "Anna, tensing up like this is only going to make it hurt more," I told her, which is true and she tried again to relax. I pushed against her back to make her to lean over a little more, forcing her to unclench her bottom a bit and picked up the hairbrush again.

I must admit I spanked her harder than usual and for longer. Usually I will give her ten swats followed by some talking-time, and then ten more. However, this time I wanted the spanking to crate a greater sense of fear and panic in her than normal. I gave her twenty hard smacks on her bare bottom cheeks, alternating sides and covering her entire bottom with each round. After twenty smacks I held her in place firmly with her hands behind her back and talked to her. "Anna, listen to me. Right now." She stopped straining against my hands and listened. "Anna, I know it hurts. Listen. You have forgotten your phone so often that I am starting to think you aren't taking your rules very seriously. Do you want me to think that?"

"Noooo...." she was crying.

"Good," I told her. "I am going to make sure you remember this rule from now on and I want you to remember how your bottom feels right now every time you walk out the door so that you will check for that phone each and every time you leave the house. Do you hear me?"

"Yes sir."

I spanked her again, harder, this time thirty hard and fast swats and she twisted in my lap and screamed and cried harder and harder. Spankings have a building force, of course, and when you spank the same spot twice it more than doubles the effect. When you spank the same spot many times, the effect is extraordinarily powerful. She writhed as much as she could, but I held her arms tightly and spanked her harder when she tried to get away.

There is a moment in a spanking when the tension and the fight leaves her body and she stops trying to get away. Instead she starts to
absorb the spanking and it is at that point that the real lesson-learning takes place. Usually it is not necessary to spank for long after that point, just one more round, but this time I decided to go further and made that last round the most punishing one yet. I spanked her hard and briskly, another thirty swats and she sobbed. I followed that with ten hard, slow, full force swats. Each of these was punctuated with my words. YOU. WILL. REMEMBER. TO. BRING. YOUR. PHONE. WITH. YOU. ANNA.

By this point she was breathless and almost inaudible in her crying. Her bottom was vividly red and I knew it would most certainly be bruised by morning. It is rare that I spank her hard or long enough to bruise her but there was no doubt in my mind that it was necessary this time to impart the importance of a lesson she has been stubbornly resistant to learning.

She cried a long time over my knee, her red bottom quivering in my lap and I rubbed her back and told her that I love her. The only reason, Anna, that I care if you have that phone with you is that I love you.

The crying slowed and she sat up, climbing into my lap and resting her head on my shoulder. I rocked her gently in my arms and waited for the crying to stop completely.

Finally she started to breathe evenly again and I kissed her cheek and stroked her hair back from her face. I could see she was sleepy now and ready to be tucked into bed.

"Anna, sweetie, look at me please."

Sleepy eyes raised up to look at my face. She looked so peaceful and sweet that I almost changed my mind about what was to follow. And yet, I felt it was important to impart the second lesson and important to impart it
now while her bottom was still red and smarting and while she was in this submissive frame of mind.

"We're not done with your punishment, sweetie," I said, and her eyes flew open, suddenly wide awake.

"We... we're not?" she asked me in trembly voice.

"No honey, we've only talked about forgetting your phone. There's still something else we need to discuss."

She squirmed on my lap, suddenly uncomfortable sitting on her sore red bottom and I allowed her to stand up. She reached to down for her panties that were resting near her ankles. I reached out a hand to stop her. "Oh no, honey, don't do that. Come here please." I took her by the hand and she took tiny steps across the room to the bed.

I piled up the pillows in the centre of the bed and had her lie on her stomach across them with her bottom lifted high up in the air. I do love her in that position, with her back arched and her bottom up high, cheeks slightly parted by the upward thrust. She began to blush all over again and I helped her into position. "Don't move from that position, Anna. We have a second conversation we need to have."

She took some deep breaths and I slipped into the WC to fill up her enema bag, this time with cool water. Cool water is better for punishment as it causes more discomfort, and I wanted her to feel discomfort while we talked about her telling the truth. I filled it up quite full, unlike I do for medical purposes when I only fill it halfway.

I brought it back to her in the bedroom and then reached for the lubricant. We have two kinds. The one I use for medicals is a simple clear lotion. For punishment, I use Bengay. This has the practical effect of creating a slippery surface with the added benefit of a burning sensation that focuses a little one's attention very sharply on the area being tended to. I lubricated her bottom with Bengay and added a little more to the tip of the enema nozzle, then inserted it gently in her bottom. She took some deep breaths and I watched as her cheeks began to tense up almost immediately sensing the burning of the Bengay.

"You are going to take the whole bag tonight, Anna," I told her and she nodded and took another shivery breath and looked stoic. It was hard not to laugh.

I clicked the nozzle to a very slow drip and then sat back to watch. "Don't move," I told her sternly as she started to wiggle a little. "Anna, you were very naughty today. You know better than to keep secrets from me and I am disappointed in you for being dishonest with me."

"I'm sorry," she said quietly.

"I know you are,"I told her, "and I know you were just afraid of getting into trouble with me. But Anna, by not being honest with me right away, you got yourself into much worse trouble than you would have otherwise. Do you understand that? If you had told me the truth you would be finished with your punishment by now."

"Yes sir."

I watched the bag slowly flatten and watched her red bottom clenching and unclenching around the hose, trying to control her natural reactions to the Bengay and to the water that was filling her. She started to moan softly as she grew fuller. "Don't move," I told her. During a punishment enema she is not allowed to shift positions.

Her moaning grew more urgent as the bag emptied and I told her again to hold still. "I can't, owww..." she said.

"Anna, you can and you will hold still until I tell you."

I watched her bottom cheeks seeing them tighten and relax over and over again. There is precious little that is a prettier sight that watching that beautiful round bottom, freshly spanked, going through those motions. Her moaning grew more urgent.

"Anna, I'm going to put your plug in because you are going to be holding that water for awhile," I told her and she started to cry afresh, more I believe from anticipation than from pain. I took her widest bottom plug out of the drawer and coated it with Bengay. I parted her cheeks gently and then more insistently, pushing the plug in deeply and firmly. She cried more but did not resist. She knows that resisting this makes it more painful.

"Now," I said, "While you hold that enema, I want you to come up with a list of fifteen reasons why you should never be dishonest with me."

She started out quickly with the most obvious reasons, rushing to try and get her freedom as soon as possible. "Because you need to be able to trust me. Because it isn't right to be dishonest. Because I want you to be honest with me too. Because...." The reasons came more slowly as she used them up and I waited and watched, taking pleasure in telling her so when she was repeating herself and having her rethink the ones that weren't new ideas. It took about ten minutes, which is almost exactly how long I wanted it to take. Ten minutes holding a full bag of cool water isn't easy and I didn't want it to be easy for her. I wanted her to be uncomfortable and she clearly was.

"Can I go now, Daddy, please?" she asked me.


"No?" She looked back at me over her shoulder, her eyes filled with pleading.

"No, Annalove, you still have another spanking coming for lying to me."

At that she started to sob. She was so sure she was finished and again, I almost lost my resolve to make this punishment one to never be forgotten. A spanking on top of a spanking is a serious punishment and she was shocked to hear that I was going to spank her again, particularly as she was suffering waiting for her enema to be over.

I pulled my belt out through its loops and her body went completely rigid. I decided not to make her wait too long. I doubled the belt over carefully to avoid the wrap-around effect and delivered the first lick right across the centre of her already-bright-red bottom. She shrieked and bucked.

"Anna, settle down," I told her this sternly, though I sympathized, knowing she was near her limit where she would soon not be able to obey me any longer. In this case I wanted to push her very close to that limit so she would understand the severity with which I was viewing her behaviour, particularly in being dishonest with me.

She was bawling already and I had only given her one lick. I took stock and altered my plan. I'd planned on twenty licks, and based on her reaction I decided to half that. I also did something I rarely do, which was to tell Anna how many spanks she was going to receive. I usually do not do this
specifically because I don't want her to know when it will end, adding to her sense of lack of control, but I could see she was close to hysteria and I wanted to pull her back a little.

"Take a deep breath, Anna," I told her sternly, and placed a steadying hand across her back. She breathed and settled a little. "Now you are going to have ten spanks with my belt for lying to me today, Anna, and I want you to settle down and accept them like a good girl."

She took another deep breath. "Anna. Do you deserve another spanking for lying to me?" I asked her this seriously, wondering how she would answer, unsure she could see my rationale at this point in her state of panic.

There was a pause and then she said, "Yes."

Yes. I was relieved that she understood and sanctioned, tacitly, what I was doing, though I believe I would have continued without her agreement.

"Yes, Anna, that's right, you do. You must never lie to me again."

With that, I stood back and delivered the next belt stroke. Again, she screamed and bucked but settled back onto the pillows. She buried her face and sobbed into the mattress and I aimed carefully and spanked her again and again, until we reached seven.

The eighth and ninth lick fell in quick succession across the tender backs of her thighs and she let out a howl that made the walls tremble. "Anna," I told her, taking careful aim for the last stroke to land squarely across the sweet spot at the delicate curve of her pretty bottom cheeks, "You are never going to lie to me again. Is that clear?"

I could barely hear her words between the sobs, "Yes sir," but when I was certain she had answered, I let the last spank bite that brilliantly red bottom and then dropped the belt and went to her quickly. She was shaking and crying and redfaced and cold and perspiring all at once, and I took her bottom plug between my fingers and tugged it out firmly but gently and gave her permission to go to release the water. She scuttled away tearfully.

When she finally returned to the bedroom she was still breathing shakily and seemed unsteady on her feet. I gathered her in my arms and carried her to the bed. I removed the rest of her clothing and diapered her then, applying lotion to her sore red bottom and then covering it in soft folds of cotton for the night. I tucked her into bed and then rested beside her on top of the blankets, stroking her hair and kissing her face. Her eyelashes fluttered and I decided she should have her pacifier for the night, so I got it from the bedside drawer and guided it into her mouth. She sighed peacefully.



"I love you, sweetie," I told her. "And I'm proud of you for taking your punishment so bravely."

"I love you too Daddy," she said against my chest and snuggled into me. I held her like that for a long time while she slept.


Blogger sugarpunk said...

wow... im guessing that phone is glued to her...

thanks for the response last comment... i appreciate it...

i live vicariously through anna

12:40 AM  
Blogger Daddy said...

I hope the phone is glued to her from here on out as I cannot feature what else I can do to impress upon her how important I consider it to be. I hope she won't force me to get more creative as I am an aging man with limited mental resources!
Thank you, sweetheart, for continuing to comment. I hope your time will come when you needn't live vicariously through anyone but may enjoy having your needs fulfilled directly by someone who understands them.
A word of advice if I may be so interfering. Please be cautious in your explorations and keep yourself safe, inside and out.

2:20 AM  
Blogger Daddy's little one said...

Mr.Gaelin sir? Wanta hear a secret? *grins and blushes* Shhh... don't tell, but after I read this story I had to go and ask my Daddy permission to do touches because you made me feel all tingly. *blushes more and smiles*

2:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whoa...intense! The mere thought is frightening. Her trust is explicit.

Thanks for your kind words before, by the way. I haven't plainly stated my desire to my boyfriend yet, but I think I plan to. Lately I've been working on letting go of control and letting my softer side reign. I'm with an alpha male (as I've long desired), so I feel that I'm safe to, but control is such a hard habit to break. (A point we've bumped heads on many times.) Hopefully practice will do the trick...and then, when I ask him, hopefully he'll be receptive to holding me accountable.

Please keep sharing your perspective. It's so awesome and well written, and gives me a feeling of connection to *this*!


5:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

p.s. Anna's been very quiet lately. If I'm not being nosey, is she on punishment, or just busy? She's missed!


5:24 PM  
Blogger Ice_Princess said...

I'm alright although right now I am sick with some kind of evil cold. I do hope it departs from my body shortly, I fear I will cough out my lungs if it doesn't. Anyway, perhaps you are right, after all duality is all around us.

5:33 PM  
Blogger sugarpunk said...

thank you for the advice.. and its only recent (not stating age here) htat ive come to think this may have been missing my entire life.. and only once have i dared mention it aloud or even tap dance around it ...

6:37 PM  
Blogger Daddy said...

littleone, I smiled to read your comment. How nice that hearing of Anna's trouble made you warm inside. LOL. Perhaps you need some similar such treatment? *winks*

Luci, how wonderful that you are already involved with someone who knows how to take control. In that respect you may already be halfway there. It is surprisingly frequent, I believe, that people have these interests but are afraid to express them (from either perspective, yours or mine) because they fear being thought strange or judged critically. "Bumping heads", I'm afraid, is part of the process too, but it is far more powerful and meaningful to be given the obedience and submission of a hardheaded stubborn girl than of one who submits easily. For my part, I adore it that Anna often has a hard time following her rules and doing what I require of her because it makes her ultimate decision to do so a greater gift. To be a Daddy to a girl who is incapable of making her own decisions would be meaningless in my opinion, rather like taking care of an invalid. Not my interest at all! So I suggest you keep your fire and let him work a little for your gift of obedience. (I didn't find your question about Anna intrusive at all. She is not being punished but you are correct in noticing she hasn't posted to her blog recently. Perhaps I'll swat her into action on your behalf.

ice_princess, I hope that cold leaves you quickly. Maybe you ought to count yourself lucky that you aren't a Daddy's care at this point, after all, tere are an awful lot of methods Daddys have for taking care of girls who let themselves get run down, and I don't imagine you'd like some them! Of course there are some other things you might enjoy as well: warm tea and shoulder rubs and lots of orange juice. Take care of yourself, honey.

sugarpunk, I believe I understand what you mean by the thought that ageplay may be what has been missing in your life. My Anna describes her experience similarly. Prior to our relationship she believed herself to be specifically interested in spanking and BDSM and it wasn't until she experienced some of my other attentions that she found that her interests had a greater emotional depth than she realised. Ageplay is, in my humble opinion, a more emotionally powerful type of D/s than many other types of kinks, and requires a level of trust and love that runs extraordinarily deep. I have avoided writing about what I believe causes the interest in ageplay for "little girls" because it is such a delicate topic, but perhaps this is something you might be interested in discussing at some point, either here or with your partner or somewhere else. Regardless of the reasons we pursue it, it is a very powerful experience and the fact that you feel drawn to it is probably a testament to the fact that you have a little girl side to you that longs to be cared for. I do hope you find that in time and that your explorations are all sweet.

11:57 PM  
Blogger sugarpunk said...

yes DADDY i do know my interest is much deeper than a spanking.. a good observation on your part ...

it is the being taken care of part...

i have to wonder.. is this more common in women that did NOT have the daddys girl syndrome and longed for it?.. i mean i had a father at home.. but he wasnt at all the dominate parent ... he didnt really interact too much at all with the kids...

you can email an answer if you or anna likes... (for some reason if i email first it locks up my PC)

2:53 AM  
Blogger Daddy said...

Absolutely, honey, the being taken care of part is the most central and it's a good observation on your part that you've already noticed that your need is based in nurturing as well as discipline. This is what makes ageplay so unique, that there is so much tenderness and care involved. Allowing for that takes just as much, if not more, trust than it does to accept a spanking, I assure you. I will answer your question here for discussion-sake, and meanwhile will drop you an email as well.

4:50 AM  
Blogger lolalane said...

That was really sweet, Gaelin.

5:58 AM  
Blogger Daddy said...

Ahh, how nice to you see here again, lolalane. I hope you are well.

10:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your insight is so helpful! I've been feeling frustrated at myself for not already being perfectly submissive for him (in the traditional - non fetish way...we haven't crossed that other bridge yet), but your words make much sense. Thanks for sharing your wisdom.


7:22 AM  
Blogger Daddy's Little Shelley said...

:blushes: I'm probably going to be in trouble for what I did when I ended up reading this, since I didn't ask my Daddy permission!!

11:16 PM  
Blogger Ashley Goodman said...

I wish I had a daddy

12:39 AM  
Blogger Ashley Goodman said...

I wish I had a daddy

12:40 AM  
Blogger Dani Ferreira said...

i am so sorry that your annababy was punished so harch.
i find it cute on the final 😊

And amazingly this story lifetime made me tear up 😢 but i got better when the cuddle ime came 😊

8:46 PM  

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