Sunday, March 19, 2006

Why I Am a Night Owl

Daddyslittlebabygirl wants to know...

Mr Gaelin can I ask you somethin? I notice when you talk about punishments that you don't have sex with them. Like when you said this:

(To finish off, I will leave the room and march tracks in the carpet over the fact that I am longing to go back into the bedroom and tear off her nightgown and ravish her!)

And also a few posts back when you posted "Who's Being Punished Now?" Anyways I'm just wondering how come you don't just rip off her nightgown and do whatever you want to do? Just wondering.

Well, my dear, you pose a question I often ask myself in moments of near-torture after my girl is dreaming sweetly in her bed and I pace the carpet wondering why I do this to myself. There are answers, though. You will have to decide for yourself if they make sense.

This has much to do with the idea of roleplay versus reality. As I have explained before, we attempt to live our lifestyle with as much verisimilude as we can muster. This means that while we both freely recognize that Anna is an adult capable of managing her own affairs, I choose to make decisions for both of us as frequently and consistently as possible, and likewise, she defers. We do not create imaginary "scenes", but rather she is punished for true infractions of rules. (These rules, of course, are a construct themselves, but within that construct we choose to operate.)

Therefore, though it often rather torturous, I try to keep sexual pleasure separate from punishment. I do not want to mix punishment and reward because I feel it sends a mixed message. I certainly understand the nature of your question, however, because they are difficult to keep apart.

For those like myself, who are sexually aroused by the sight of a pretty bottom, it is difficult enough to avoid indulging. Adding to that the sadist sexual pleasure I derive in reddening that beautiful bottom and punishing it thoroughly leaves me on the brink of madness.

So why I do it is a reasonable question. There is a darker pleasure I take, you see, in depriving the little one of her own pleasure. Knowing that she, too, is aroused by the heat in her bottom and by the fact that I have tucked her, sweetly but condescendingly, into bed at a hour much too early for a grown woman, is another delight. She is not permitted to touch herself without my permission. And knowing she is twisting in the sheets, frustrated and hungry, pleases me enormously. Sadistic and cruel, isn't it?

It is, in spite of the pulsing hunger I experience while I wait, a pleasure worth waiting for. Knowing that the next day, when I put one finger inside the waistband of her pants, that she will melt against me and begin to whimper before I have even touched her breasts, her bottom, between her thighs, knowing she she will be shuddering against me within minutes and again within a few more, and more times again before an hour has passed... this is what makes it worth waiting for.

The purpose of deprivation is anticipation of fulfillment. Anticipation of fulfillment makes fulfillment all the sweeter.


Blogger Ice_Princess said...

She is so much more respectful than I am lol. Must be my inner brat or something. I often feel with the children that I am the one really being punished when I have to hand down a punishment. If I require them to stay at home for bad behavior, I too am stuck here. It's just the way it seems to be, so hard being the forceful one all the time isn't it? I watched a hockey game on TV by the way that was on this evening being played on GREEN ice, these crazy Irish-Americans!

6:40 AM  
Blogger Ice_Princess said...

Gaelin, Thanks for the note. I will post tomorrow after my interview.

2:06 AM  
Blogger Daddy's little one said...

Thank you so much for answering my question, Mr. Gaelin. I understand what you mean about keeping punishment and pleasure separate but it must be hard to do. You have good self-discipline!

Now I have another question if you don't mind me asking. Today I got maintenance (I wrote about it in my blog if you don't know what I mean) and I was wondering if you do maintenance on Anna too. I was wondering because I've never seen you post anything about it so I wondered if you don't do it or if you do and just haven't mentioned it before.

By the way, thanks for not getting mad at me the other day about keeping Anna online so long. :)

12:50 AM  

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