Monday, February 20, 2006

Medical Attentions

Daddy's little one said...

Sometimes I bestow sexual attentions upon her at times when she feels she does not want them, for example, during medical attentions which I often insist upon.


Medical attentions you say? Please do tell.

Ah, you want to hear about the medical attentions. Well, I'm not a doctor, little one, so there's only so much I can do at home to take care of my girl's health. But I'm an old-fashioned man and there are a few tricks I know that I like to do on a regular basis. You see, taking care of my girl at home lets her know that I am intimately familiar with every part of her body. She may hide nothing.

It is important, for example, to monitor her temperature, particularly when she is ill, but also on a weekly basis just to keep an eye on things. You know, of course, that I do not put the thermometer in her mouth! It is important to get the most accurate reading possible.

She is also subjected to a weekly check-up. Again, I am not a doctor so my version of a check-up involves paying attention to how everything looks and feels, and watching for anything that changes. I have never found any cause for concern, and it is my fondest hope that this remains true forever. However, I won't let her good health deter me from continuing to examine her - a task that is most enjoyable.

Along with the thermometer, (did you know you can purchase extra wide ones?) I also own two specula, similar to the picture above. I know the very sight of these instruments is enough to make most women cringe, and the same is certainly true of my girl. However, it really is the best way to make a thorough check and also a delightful way to make a girl blush and squirm. I examine her front and back or shall I say top to bottom? *grins* She is completely undressed when I am giving her a check-up.

She must lie on her back for the first exam, in which I examine her breasts. Just as doctors have taught women to do for years, I will feel her entire breast in small circles checking for any irregularities. Around and around, not touching the nipple, which rises to attention in spite of being neglected so. If she has been a good girl, I will eventually give that nipple some attention too, gentle touches followed by more firm ones, featherly light and then some firmer pinches and tugs.

For the next part of this exam, she lies back on the bed and I part her legs and insert the spec gently with plenty of lubricant. She is required to hold still. When she is held open wide, I will insert fingers to feel inside her and examine her thoroughly. It is important during this type of examination to watch her face closely to see if she feels any pain at any of my touches. It is normal for this exam not to be painful, unless of course, we count the fact that she finds it painfully embarrassing. It also helps ease the stress when little butterfly touches are applied gently and lightly.

When this part of the check-up is over, she is flipped over to lie on her tummy. I place pillows beneath her stomach to raise her bottom up into the air (also a delicious position for spanking and sexual adventures, but I digress). Again, she is required to hold still for this part of the examination, and she must also force herself to relax, a mind-over-matter type of trick that she is sometimes unsuccessful at accomplishing. Nevermind, if she misbehaves, she is in the right position for a swat or two to help her focus on my instructions. I always instruct her to take some deep breaths, close her eyes, and keep breathing.

There is a different speculum for this exam, smaller and shaped correctly for her little bottom. Again, lubricant is applied first to make insertion comfortable and painless. These exams are not meant to hurt her, only to continue to illustrate to her how much careful attention I am paying her.

The speculum is inserted slowly and then opened to stretch the area. It is important not to stretch too far too fast because this is a delicate place. But with gentle and continuous pressure she should slowly be made to feel very exposed and very vulnerable. By this point, my girl will be burying her face in the pillow and placing her hands around her head. She is thoroughly embarrassed by this procedure no matter how many times I have subjected her to it, and this is exactly the reaction I want her to have. She is meant to feel completely opened to me, literally and figuratively, to ensure her understanding of the completeness of my attentions.

Again, fingers are inserted to feel around and test for pain or discomfort. Again, it is normal for the embarrassment to be tangible but the physical sensations to bring no pain. It is not a punishment. It is another demonstration of my love. I continue to stroke her and bring her closer to climax. She is not permitted to resist or to move.

When this exam is complete, the spec is closed and I slide it out. I can hear her breathe a sigh of relief but her check-up is not over. Often, I feel, it is good for her health to receive an enema.

Assuming the enema is not a punishment, but simply for the promotion of good health, I will use clear warm water. Warm water is easiest on the insides and I will only fill the bag about half-full because this type of enema is not meant to cause significant discomfort (unlike a punishment enema). Anna remains lying on her tummy with her bottom raised up high. The nozzle of the enema slips in easily, following the attentions of the spec, and I seat it deeply inside her and hang the bag above her head on the hook.

I click the valve open and let the water begin a slow drip into her. It is meant to move slowly, filling her with warmth but not making her feel pain. I rub her back and her bottom and watch the bag empty. During this type of enema, if she begins to feel too full, I will stop the drip and give her time to relax and accept the water she has taken thus far before starting it up again. I will also allow her to change positions if she needs to. Often she prefers to lie on her left side which seems to make it easier and more comfortable for her. When she gets more full, I will allow her to take a new position, on her knees with her bottom way up high and her head down low. She finds this position allows her to hold the water more comfortably, and I never have any objections to seeing her take this beautiful pose!

After she has been a good girl and accepted the half-bag of water, I remove the nozzle. For a punishment enema, I would now insert the plug to force her to hold the water longer, but because it is only for her health, she isn't holding as much water and a plug is not necessary. She can hold it on her own. She takes deep breaths to help control her insides.

I turn her over, then, onto her back. I'm sure you know it is very healthy for a woman-girl to be sexually fulfilled, and this is a wonderful time to take care of that aspect of her health. Again, I part her legs and give her gentle butterfly touches and then kisses. Gentle nibbles and licks increasing in speed and pressure. A few little nips. She wants to resist this but she cannot. She is not permitted. And her body betrays her, making her arousal clear and obvious. Her back arches up, lifting her off the pillows beneath her, discomfort and embarrassment completely forgotten. I make her wait, testing her obedience, stopping and starting and teasing until I give her permission to climax against my mouth, shuddering and crying. What a healthy girl! (When she is being punished, she is not permitted this climax.)

When she has been a good girl and climaxed on command, she will be released. I allow her to go to the washroom then to get rid of the water.

After that, I bathe her. We must remove the various lubricants (personal and commercial) and get her clean. I sit on the edge of the bathtub while she bathes, washing her with a soapy washcloth, shampooing her hair, and making sure no spot is missed.

That is how I take care of my girl, medically speaking, and her good health seems to be a testament to its effectiveness.


Blogger Daddy's little one said...


Mmmmmm the medical attentions you describe are yum-yum-yummy. I'm glad I don't have to obey your rules about not touching after reading that!!!

9:06 PM  
Blogger Ice_Princess said...

Gaelin that sounds dreadful....I'm never coming to Ireland :)

10:50 PM  
Blogger Daddy said...

LOL. Looks like I'm one and one. Need a tiebreaker. ice_princess, you must exercise caution when you tangle with Daddies; sometimes they are cruel with their kindness. ;)

11:12 PM  
Blogger Ice_Princess said...

My dear, I didn't realize we were tangling...are we? I am glad to see the evil numbers don't keep you at bay.

6:32 AM  
Anonymous fluff said...

Have you ever used the spectums in punishment?
fluff xxx

5:27 AM  

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