Wednesday, February 15, 2006

I Always Keep My Promises

Naughty thing. I can tell when things have difficult at work or when you are feeling overwhelmed with too much to do in too little time. I can tell because you become more short-tempered and your natural impatience and zeal for life develops a temporary, but brittle edge. You want things done immediately. You ask if we might go for a walk tonight and begin to sigh impatiently as soon as I ask you to wait twenty minutes. It's only twenty minutes my love.

Your pout, when I remind you to remove your playbook from the stairs before I am moved to remind you, is such a pretty little pout, though entirely uncalled for. You know the rules, don't you? The fact you possess the prettiest pout I have ever seen does not permit you to use it recklessly!

Now you've gone to shower and prepare for bed, and I am preparing to keep my promises to you. Do you recall the promises?

I promise that when I sense you are in need of release, I will provide it.
I promise that when you misbehave you will always be held accountable.
I promise you that I'm paying attention, unwaveringly.

Tonight I will keep my promises, all, before you sleep.

Happy Valentines Day my precious girl.


Blogger Ice_Princess said...

How lovely that you keep your promises. I've never once experienced that in my significant relationships. I think you have a very poetic way of writing about these things and I do enjoy reading your posts.

1:50 AM  
Anonymous fluff said...

That is just so beautiful you are both so lucky to have each other
fluff xxx

5:38 AM  

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