Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Anna is Afraid

Anna is afraid of being caned. She made this fact known to me very early on in our relationship as we were testing and determining boundaries.

Anna is not a slave, and she is able to speak her mind freely as long as she does so respectfully, a standard to which I also hold myself. As I began to test her limits early on, she confessed almost immediately an absolute terror of being caned. Like many, she has seen too many photographs, I believe, of bottoms welted-bruised-and-bloody by brutal canings, and sensibly wanted no part of this.

As I have said before, consent is an overarching permission and Anna has given me consent to make decisions for her, even decisions which she disagrees with. Negotiations and discussions about discipline do not occur when discipline is due or in progress because this is not a time for rational conversation, but Anna is welcome and free to express her fears and desires to me at any other time. This is how the discussion of caning arose. She wanted me to know even before the idea ever entered my head that she was terribly afraid of being caned.

For that reason, I have never used a cane for discipline. There is an important and essential difference between the nervous anticipation that I intentionally cultivate, as compared to genuine terror. Anna is genuinely terrified of being caned. I understand her fear and would never violate her trust by exploiting this fear.

However. (Ah, you knew there was a however, didn't you?)

However, I do have a cane and I do know how to use it properly. A lovely smooth piece of doweling, whippy and springy and light, that innocently holds a tapestry on the wall. It peeks out from behind the Laos needlework and eyes Anna longingly, in its pithy core a burning jealousy. It is jealous of Slipper. It is jealous of Wooden Spoon. Jealous of Paddle. And Hairbrush and Bathbrush and Belt. They have all known the joy that is bouncing against Anna's bottom and it fears it will never get to experience this pleasure.

Wielded correctly and traditionally, a cane leaves five perfectly parallel red lines, crossed through by a sixth. The lines should be of even weight and length on each cheek and raise no blood whatsoever. They should not stray above or below the curve of the bottom. Forgive my boasting, but I know how to wield this implement with precision. She who receives it will experience a searing sting with each stroke but a cane is not meant to be the instrument of sheer torture Anna fears it is.

I'm sorry, Cane, please forgive me. We have to keep our promises.

What's that you say? Oh dear, yes, you are quite right about that. She would look absolutely stunning with six sweet red stripes. But Cane, I made a promise.

Now don't tell me. I know you are no more cruel than the others. But she doesn't know that, you see. Fears are not always rational.

You want me to talk to her about it again? Goodness, aren't you insistent!

Alright, I'll mention you to her again, but you are to accept her decision no matter what. Is that clear?

Anna my love, I have a proposal for you. You may, if you feel so inclined, trade in your entire next spanking for just one stroke with the cane.

If you accept this offer, we will discuss the experience afterward, and you may decide whether you will or will not continue to allow further experiments with the cane.

This offer is openended and you are not required to make a decision immediately. Any time prior to your next spanking, whenever that may be, will be fine, up to and including the last minute. If you decline the offer now, you may consider it open indefinitely.

The one stroke, if you accept it, will be delivered at exactly the same velocity as a standard caning. It will not be increased to make up for it replacing an entire spanking, and it will not be reduced to entice you to experiment further. It will be an honest and accurate representation of the experience of being caned.

Above all, Anna, this is your decision to make. I will love you no more (for that would be impossible!) or no less, regardless. Give it a thought my girl.

There you are, Cane, I've asked her. Now are you satisfied?


Blogger Ice_Princess said...

Thanks for leaving the comment about my birthday. That was very sweet of you, now save me from the evil numbers :(

Anyway, I am glad I made you chuckle. I'm enjoying my conversation with Anna on duality. It seems I inspired an entire post! You two are such a cute couple.

Alright the evil numbers are calling me again...*sniff* *sniff* much as I'd love to stay and chat.

4:54 AM  
Anonymous The Cane said...

What did she say? What did she say?

Waiting anxiously,
The Cane

1:20 AM  
Blogger Daddy said...

LOL. Patience is a virtue, Cane. She will think and decide in her own good time. All good things come to those who wait. I will pass along her decision to the presses as soon as she makes it.

For now, she is resolved to behave herself perfectly for the rest of her life to ensure she never earns another spanking again. I'm taking bets that she loses. Anyone?

2:25 AM  
Blogger Daddy said...

ice_princess dear, I fear I can do nothing to control the fierce numbers. They do not respond to any discipline I am familiar with. ;)

2:26 AM  
Anonymous Daddyslittlebabygirl said...

Anna - a word of unsolicited advice if it's ok. Take him up on this offer!!!

He is totally right, the cane isn't so bad as long as he knows what he's doing and based on what I've read of your other punishments, one cane stroke won't compare to a paddling or a slippering or a belt licking!!!

He said if you don't allow him to keep doing it after that it's ok with him so you have nothing to lose by letting him have one stroke instead of a whole punishment.

Take it from someone who gets caned regularly. It's really scary at first but the reality of it is that it's no worse than anything else. Really.

3:47 AM  
Blogger Ice_Princess said...

I figured as much. They held me prisoner for a while but I'm better now and hopefully they will not take me prisoner again. I am sure you got a chuckle out of the white horse comment I made at the end of my last rant. So I hope everything is well with you and Anna. I can't speak to the caning issue as I would also be deathly afraid of the concept.

9:19 PM  
Blogger Daddy said...

Nothing is more freeing than overcoming a fear, my dear. Perhaps you ought to sign up for a session yourself. *winks*

1:52 AM  
Blogger Ice_Princess said...

Perhaps, it might do me some the evil numbers class started tonight. Statistics's hoping it doesn't drown me lol. How are you doing?

5:36 AM  
Blogger Daddy said...

If you survive the stats you should consider yourself as good as brilliant! Things are well here, thank you, and I hope the same is true for you.

1:25 AM  
Blogger Ice_Princess said...

Why thank you. Things are going ok here I suppose.

3:01 AM  

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