Tuesday, November 01, 2005

The Woman I Love

The woman I love is 34 and she is the most beautiful woman I have ever met. It seems impossible that she might love me too let alone willingly choose me as her Daddy and husband.

My girl is not a slave. To me that is more meaningful. It is more meaningful because she has the right to leave if she is unhappy. She has the right to tell me so if she needs something from me that I have overlooked. It means she has the dignity of choice and chooses me.

For that reason I consider myself the luckiest man there is.

I will be recording some of the specifics of our relationship here.


Blogger Daddy's little one said...

*specifics* yes please!!

1:32 AM  
Anonymous Delilah said...

UM SHE"S 34?????? IN YOUR othEr comment POST YOU SAID SHE WAS tURNING 30 and you were 42.


8:02 AM  

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