Friday, November 04, 2005

Thoroughly Reticent

The girl was punished severely last night. Her disobedience far outweighed the severity of the infraction itself and she was punished largely for that rather than the mistake. She is rarely disobedient and only so when she feels that my rule is unfair or unreasonable. Being an American in Ireland she is certain that she knows far more about the use of gas fireplaces and the safety rules that should apply to them! She learned otherwise, I feel confident.

I was not pleased with her initial post on the subject of last night's punishment. She does need to learn that poetry will not suffice in place of details. Toward that end I required a second writing with the warning that any omitted details would be repeated as a refresher. Her second telling did not miss a single thing. Interesting, that.

I do not consider myself a Dom but I am not only a Daddy to the girl. She is not treated only as a child would be. I would not, in fact, spank a real child, let alone any of the other things I subject my woman-child to. There are things which move me which fall into the realm of being a Dominant, perhaps. She tears up so sweetly when she is scolded and blushes so prettily when ordered across my knee.

There is no sunset or waterfall that doesn't pale in comparison to the majesty of her beautiful bottom during a brisk spanking, trembling and quivering and reddening under my hand. The figging last night was a delight to watch as her warmed bottom clenched and unclenched and shook uncontrollably. I love her tears soaking into my jeans as she cries across my lap.

Tomorrow, assuming good behaviour, she will be treated to some good little girl rewards.


Blogger Miss_Deidre said...

Your blog continues to be inspiring and a wonderful read ... I'm so sorry that I wasn't able to respond earlier but I was enjoying Myself over on this side of the pond ...

I would be honoured if you would be so inspired as to reciprocate the link to My site ... and please tell your girl that her words were very touching and I enjoyed hearing from her, as well as reading her post on her own blog.

Blessed Be

Miss D

3:38 AM  
Blogger Daddy said...

Miss D, it is lovely to hear from you again.

I have added a link that will take us both directly to Boston - bringing you back home to what you miss, and I shall have the most interesting tour guide when I arrive.

4:49 AM  

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