Monday, November 28, 2005

Outing her

This post is in response to a question that was asked of my girl, in her blog. (She mentioned the necessity, of late, to explain our lifestyle to a colleague who had seen some marks I'd left on her during a punishment. She explained to the colleague that the marks derived from consensual activity and this news was met with little fanfare.)

My girl mentioned that this was the second time she had had her private lifestyle exposed to outsiders, and this was the question that was asked:

Daddy's little one said... Wow you're brave to have done that! I have never told ANYONE about me and my Daddy. Can you tell the story of the time your Daddy told some people? I would love to hear it.

And that is the story I am going to tell. It happened several years ago, when we were still what I would term "newlyweds". We were attending my brother's wedding in a neighbouring town and staying in a hotel. The bride and groom had already been married and embarked on their honeymoon and several of the guests decided to stay on in the hotel a couple more nights to enjoy some vacation time. My brother and I are close in age and share many mates in common so to stay longer in the hotel with them promised to be a pleasant time.

Our second evening after the wedding, a situation arose that required me to punish my girl. Back in those days she was more obstinate than she is now. Although I would never have termed her to be argumentative or rude, there were times when we were newly married that she still needed to test to see what her boundaries were. (I shouldn't not imply that this never happens now, either, but that it is with increasingly less frequency as she continues to learn that my expectations and the rules are consistent.) I forgot the specifics of the misbehaviour, but the end result was that she talked back to me and in essence suggested that I wouldn't dare to spank her while we were in the hotel with my mates and family. She was right about that - I would not punish her with my mates and family within hearing ranger. I took her in the car out to the woods and punished her there! I gave her a very long and hard strapping that left her most contrite.

Upon our return to the hotel, she went to sleep in the double bed and I relaxed and read my book. It was about an hour later that the room telephone rang and it was my mates inviting us down to the hotel hottub. We had planned on staying in for the evening, but the invitation appealed to me and so did the idea of my red-bottomed girl wearing a bathing suit! So, I decided we would go. I woke her and told her to get into her bathing suit. She protested half-heartedly, but did not argue when she realised I was resolved we should go. She knew better than to argue mere hours after a punishment.

She put on the bathing suit and much to my pleasure the fact that she had recently been spanked was more than apparent. She tugged at the legs to pull them down lower, but to no avail. It was impossible to hide. She wore a towel around her waist and resolved to sit on the side with just her toes dangling in the water. I told her I would decide that.

At that point I wasn't entirely sure who the company at the hottub would be. I can be discreet when it comes to great aunts and sweet Catholic grannies! But the hottub contained no family members and only my mates, many of whom had had several drinks that evening.

I told my girl she would get in the hottub with everyone else. She eased in there so slowly I laughed out loud. I can only imagine what hot water felt like on that burning bottom! Expressions were quizzical but because she was facing forward, no one could see what she was hiding. She worked hard to keep her tail end well-hidden but eventually was forced to step out of the hottub for a washroom break. She certainly moved quickly in hopes no one would notice her bottom, but in a hottub full of men, there was nowhere else for the eyes to go! Every pair of eyes zeroed in on my artwork and there was shouting, laughing and carrying on.

I told them to wait until she returned and she could explain for herself. She returned with a face almost as red as her tail, and slipped back into the water next to me. "Go ahead, love," I told her. "The boys want to know what happened to you."

She couldn't speak. I took a little pity on her and decided to speak on her behalf. "We had a little incident this afternoon, didn't we, love?" She nodded. "She was rather naughty, you see, and spoke to me in a very saucy way. So she had a little lesson to learn."

I grinned and my mates howled with laughter. They've known me many years, of course, and this didn't come as much of a surprise to them. I wasn't terribly secretive in my school days about my interests and they always knew this was what interested me. Many of them, in fact, expressed a shared interest in such things, but none of this was known to my girl. From her point of view, she had been outed in a terribly embarrassing way and was now subjected to the ribbing and teasing of friends who thought it was extremely funny. Her blush was adorable and so was her squirm. To this day, they inquire after her bottom when they ring me on the phone and she answers.

You must think me extraordinarily cruel after reading this story, which makes me want to write a little more on the subject of embarrassment. It is my belief and experience that many submissives/little ones derive a type of pleasure from certain types of embarrassment. While I would never subject my girl to true, unpleasant embarrassment and humiliation, I have learned that there are types of embarrassment that serve our lifestyle very well.

This experience in the hottub was rather on the extreme end of the kinds of embarrassment I have subjected her to, but there are also many smaller things I do on a regular basis that are designed to bring about this type of blush.

When she is punished, I often make her get the spanking implements. I have her tell me why she is about to be spanked or have her take down her own knickers and bend over. I take her temperature in her bottom whether she needs it or not, and give her the ocassional swat when we are out in public if her behaviour warrants. In restaurants, I enjoy ordering my wine and asking the waitress to bring her a class of white milk. These are all things that are designed to infantilize her and embarrass her. While she blushes and squirms at the moment, she will freely admit (much later!) that the embarrassment touches on a part of her submissive needs. And I must admit that creating and witnessing that embarrassment in her fulfills something dark and sadistic inside me.

I would be interested to know what others think of this topic, and whether this need is something others can relate to.


Blogger Daddy's little one said...

I loved this story so much and yes I can relate to the embarrassment factor BIG TIME. My Daddy is fourteen years older than me so he is kind of conservative about public stuff but the things you mentioned about making her say why she needs to be spanked and taking her temperture are the exact same kinds of things my Daddy does to me to keep me little in my head. Can I ask are you older than your girl? Can I ask how old you both are if that isn't rude?

7:47 PM  
Blogger lolalane said...

I thought this was a fascinating read, escpecially speaking from a purely submissive point of view, without the trappings of "littleness"...I initially think that the embarassment would be horrible, but deeper, there is a sincere part of me that craves the same sort of humiliation. I want public warnings, not full out punishments, but you know. It means that boundaries exist regardless of the circumstances. To think that Sir would disregard the conventions of normal society to reinforce our relationship is actually quite comforting.

Thanks for sharing this.

7:38 AM  
Blogger Daddy said...

Hello lolalane and thank you for taking a moment to comment. It is my experience that many submissives and ageplayers alike share a need for their Master/ Daddy to be committed enough to their discipline to be willing to make it public when necessary.

While I would never do anything to negatively humiliate my wife, I try to make it clear to her that her boundaries and rules apply in all situations and will be dealt with in all situations if the need arises. If that means ducking out of a public place to have a "talk" in the car, I feel that is important to be willing to do that when necessary.

It is also my experience that having proved my willingness to do it alleviates the need to do it in most cases!

What was so lovely about this particular situation was that it was completely harmless, just a bunch of drunken boys having a laugh, and yet to her it felt as though all eyes of the world were on her! A lovely opportunity to create that sense of public chastisement in safe surroundings.

9:22 PM  
Blogger Daddy said...

Hello again little one! I enjoyed reading your blog too, and was most interested in your Daddy's practice of "parking". (I think I might have to ask him for some tips!) Yes, I am older than my wife (how cheeky of you to notice). She is turning 30 shortly and I am a wizened 42. We married when she was a mere slip of a girl, 22, so we have been married 8 years now. Now, back to you. You haven't written much lately, young lady, and I've been waiting most impatiently!

9:28 PM  

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